Knitting department consists of 100 in-house and 200 outside (commission knitters) knitting machines and provides capabilities to produce a wide range of fabrics.

Knitting machines include:

– Singles and Doubles
– 4 to 36 cut machines
– Spandex attachment on all knitting machines
– 15 automatic stripers ranging from 18 to 24 cuts
-18 mini-jacquard ranging from 18 to 28 cuts

Also, intermingling, twisting and fancy twisting equipment is available to enhance technical and visual aspects of knit fabrics. This allows us to create custom novelty fabrics for the changing fashion industry.

We work with a wide range of both natural and man-made fibers including:

Organic cotton;
Rayon, modal, rayon blends with bamboo, silk etc;
Poly cotton;
Polyester spun and filaments, microfiber polyester;
Nylon filaments, microfiber nylon;
Spandex blends;


Knitting Products

Knitting Machine